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Legal Services in Moscow

About Us

AURORA Legal Centre LLC was established as early as in the last century when in 1997 we began rendering legal services to our first clients, many of which are still our regular clients.

We specialize in providing legal services to companies and individual entrepreneurs. The range of our clients includes both large-scale firms and small family enterprises, yet the scale of our clients has no effect on the quality of our services as it is always equally high irrespective of the annual turnover of our clients and number of personnel employed by them.

Our Specialization

Our main area of business is registration of companies in Moscow for new businesses as well as legal and tax support of already existing companies.

We render the following services:

– registration of commercial and non-commercial enterprises

– accounting and tax support for company operations

– preparation and processing of participatory interest and share purchase and sale transactions

– introduction of amendments in companies’ constituent documents

– registration of titles to real estate and transactions with it

– accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Moscow

– obtaining labor permits for foreign nationals

– registration of trademarks and their further protection

– certification of goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation

– closing (liquidation) of enterprises

– judicial protection in civil, arbitration or criminal courts


We provide a lifetime guarantee on all of our services to make you feel comfortable during the entire period of your company’s operation.

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